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Diplomatic Duty Free Cars is the leading destination for car sellers & buyers. We are specialized in buying and selling new or used cars to diplomats or expats in Jordan & the middle east, and also in exporting tax-free vehicles to other countries!

Our mission at Diplomatic Duty Free Cars is to be your most convenient solution for buying and selling new & used cars. We work hard to keep your costs low.

We have a lot of offers for new and used cars, 4×4’s, and armored vehicles that could meet your needs. Please have a look at the wide selection of cars on our website.

With more than 18 years of experience and through teamwork, integrity, communication, and a commitment to our customers; our team can give you the advice regarding to your automotive needs.

Our website is designed to give you more control of the selling process, and to make finding a used or new vehicle that meets your personal needs easier than ever before.

Also, we offer the adverts on our website through adding your car-for-sale on our website,which gives you the ability to easily display your car in the Internet for sale.

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